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5 till 20

Saturday, September 07, 2013

    Nothing beats a home made breakfast to start you off to have a perfect day. That was yesterday. Today is the 7th. My birthday is on the 12th. Which is next fucking week - a fact I've been conscientiously or not pushing out of my mind for the last few weeks. And I've decided to make a random post every day till my birthday.

So, I'm not sure if I am some kind of a mind mutant, but I find it awfully strange that I'll be turning 20 in less than a week. Does everyone feel like that? I couldn't care less about turning 19 or 18 or 17 or 16 to be honest. 15 was a bit of a drag. Maybe I have a hard time with my birthday every what... five years? I don't know. Anyway, I might as well be having a mid-life crisis - just 25 years early. When you think about it though, 20 is quite a big number. I'm going into my third decade as a human being and it both excites and scares me to death. Of course I realised how ridiculous my complains are when I was complaining to my grandma last week and she completely owned me when she said: "20, yes, that's nice. I'm turning 70 next year." Touché.

In the end I decided to make a list of things I've achieved and that I'm proud of in my short life to make me feel less depressed basically.

  • I've completed my school education.
  • I've won a national competition. 
  • I've won an international competition.
  • I moved to a different country, more than 1000 km away from home to go to university and didn't come back crying after a month.
  • I'm studying something I enjoy immensely despite it being the most masochistic major in history.
  • I've had a more or less successful online life if you wish.
  • I've had my fair share of obsessions, because it's really sad to live a life with no passion in it.
  • I've come to terms that I'm never going to be the pretty one. Being the cute one will be the highest I get I suppose but I'm completely okay with it now. Being the smart and creative one is where I've found my place.

I'm in such a cheerful mood right now (NOT), what can I say. How was your day?

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  1. It's perfectly normal to stress about crossing such an important line in your life. Been there, done that!

    Were those competions you've won about German?? I did a quite google search on you and I came across something I did not understood much, but that's what I presume :)

    And you're not only cute, you ARE beautiful, dear! <3

    1. Oh God, I didn't even know there was stuff online about it; yeah, they were about German; it was quite exciting at the time actually and felt surreal because after I won the international thing, reporters back home kept calling my cell/etc and I didn't even know how they got my number... so weird.
      (and I so am not! I could however write a book on how to choose the right angle for photos and tricking people into thinking you're semi-presentable looking)

    2. Now I know what is the reason you picked Berlin! ofc, they have great architecture course, but I was never quite sure why Germany and how you are doing with that language barrier. I finally know more about you, yay! :)

  2. I'm glad you're in a good mood! Those rolls look absolutely delicious.