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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Of course I must have a picture taken on a rock and nearly fell down in the process!

Just like nothing beats a home made breakfast, nothing, nothing beats a few days by the sea. I'm not a huge beach person. I can't be even if I wanted to - my skin is so pale that my legs are literally the closest to white that I've seen - as a result I always have to completely cover myself with the highest SPF on the planet and stay in the shade (or I'll turn red within minutes)... I love water though... but I can't really swim since I never competed my swimming course in first grade.  I am however addicted to the whole seaside atmosphere... the air, the sound of the waves right outside your window. Which makes the place we're at perfect - it's a small town with partly preserved traditional Bulgarian architecture, cute little stone streets, small rocky beaches with breathtaking landscapes. It's magical. Now that I'm typing this all I can hear are the waves... and a guitarist playing Hey Jude (and now we're on to Here Comes The Sun) under the balcony - this is the definition of my "I'm in heaven" feeling! I wanted to share a few of the photos I made today... I wanted to adjust the curves a little first but since I didn't actually bring my own laptop and no one else has Photoshop - I'm sharing the disaster I still am as a photographer.

PS.: And as a huge bonus I saw my favourite Bulgarian jazz singer sitting in a cute little restaurant as we were walking around the city around sunset. I am a happy panda now.

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4 shared memories

  1. That sounds lovely! I wish I was there.


    1. Oh thank you! It really is such an awesome place.

  2. Ahhh I envy you so much for experiencing landscapes like that :(

  3. Mihaela, seems to have been a time well spent. I liked especially the sixth and the eighth photo, are especially beautiful to me :-) have a nice day!