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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Every now and then I realize that I really, really need to things in my way. Or do the things I really want to do. Funny, you may think. Isn't that what we're theoretically always supposed to do? We all know it doesn't really work that way. 

Take university for an example. Each semester we have a big architecture project to do that is supervised by a professor. It is an unwritten rule that if you have done the project with professor X your next project should be with professor Y, because that is how everyone does it. See the problem?

Let's go back to the end of September. The start of the semester was nearly there and I was feeling more and more nervous. Not because I thought that professor Y would necessarily be the wrong choice for me, but I really wanted to try something new and different. I also wanted new people. Spending 24/7 (literally!) with the same people for the past 2 years has had it's moments but as much as I love a bunch of them like a little family, I found myself gasping for fresh air. Which is strange because if I can categorize myself in any way it would be as a creature of habit. It was time to apply for the professors and all of my best friends and awesome people from the past 2 years went to professor Y or decided they didn't want to do a project this semester. I however applied to a different professor. One that would only accept 8 bachelor students. I don't know if I did it because I really needed to get away from the familiarity for some strange reason or because I wanted to see if I can get into the project with the least free places from all projects available. And it doesn't actually matter. I did, I got in (even though they ended up accepting more than 8 bachelor students but I was in on the first round and not on the waiting list). There were 2 other people I knew. 5 that I had seen before. Everyone else was pretty much a stranger. Normally I would freak out but I was happy. And really excited. The past year I really missed feeling so excited about projects because everything had turned into a routine. Get up, go to university, stay there for at least 12 hours, go home, eat if you can, sleep if you have time, try not to go crazy with stress and exhaustion. The excitement reminded me of my first year. We are 12-13 bachelor students and around 35 master students. The project is really complex and will be a huge challenge, but I'm so ready to tackle it.

Thinking about it, I guess the main reason why I did it (aside from wanting to try something new) was because I was tired of the dynamic from the past 2 years. After 2 years of spending time together more than you spent with people in high school, it feels like nothing can surprise you or nothing interesting can happen. Being surrounded by completely new people opens so many doors. 

That said, I will miss a lot of people a lot, but then again I'm not moving to Mars... just a floor up and since there are no visitation hours despite our uni time feeling like a prison, we can visit each other any time we want.

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  1. the blog looks fantastic! whoa!

    1. I am in love with this template! I can't believe how gorgeous it is (and free! I mean what?!); it makes me really excited and wanting to post more, so I think it was a good thing that I changed things up a bit.

  2. well, i have like few days of editing in front of me, because this theme has so much potential and I have so little free time on my hands these days.if there are any glitches then I will have a look into them sooner or later.:)

  3. Great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo


    1. Thank you so much! Of course I will.

  4. I love taking on new challenges - it can be scary but it'll pay off in the end!

    Drea xo