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Christmas cards madness

Sunday, December 07, 2014

My favourite thing in the world is receiving postcards. Is there anything better than Christmas cards? No. This year I decided to make my own postcards for Christmas. It wasn't the most brilliant idea considering my schedule and sadly I don't have a ton of time to try to be craftsy (which I am not), but I had an hour to spare today and here is the result:

All I used was some thicker paper in white and cream, Faber Castell fine liners and PITT artist pens. Oh, and some ribbon. Yes, I am well aware that they are far from looking like a masterpiece. Thank God I have a somewhat acceptable handwriting that saved the situation, but overall for my first try I am actually quite pleased, since (although flawed) the cards have the style and vibe I wanted them to have. 

I wasn't really much in the Christmas spirit till today and making the first batch of cards put me right into it. Now I'm typing this up, getting ready to do some more uni work and listening  to Christmas music for the first time this year. Life is good when the holidays are around the corner. I can't wait to make the rest of the cards and mail them; hopefully they'll also arrive on time but knowing how reliable the post offices are here and especially during this time of year, they'll probably be at least a week late if the arrive at all. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope you are all getting into the Christmas mood as well!

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